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Die Pampa von Nazca




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The first Expedition 1994
The formal unveiling of a bust of Maria Reiche in the high school “Romain Rolland” in April 1993 aroused the interest of some people from Dresden.
In February 1994 Prof. Gunter Reppchen, Matthias Kaden and Sandra Kositz started to Peru to look at the lines and geoglyphs in the desert themselves and to visit Maria Reiche.
D. Schulze, a friend of the family Reiche and expert of the area, conducted them. But they weren’t looking only. With the first measuring campaign they laid the foundation for the research project “Nazca”.

In January 1995 the project was presented to different Peruvian departments and institutions. Also they entered in negotiations about an aerial photo flight with the proper authority SAN (Servicio Aereofotográfico del Perú) in Lima.


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