Association "Dr. Maria Reiche - Lines and Figures of the Nasca Culture/Peru"


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A special matter of our association is the appreciation and keeping of the memory of the devoted research work of Maria Reiche. Furthermore our association from Dresden stand up for the protection and preservation of the soil drawings, which are threatened by destruction.
Actively we support the research project of the University of Applied Sciences Dresden, where the available results were put in a digital data model. In this way it should be allowed interest people, institutions and scientists of different sciences access to this data. The members of the association give lectures, organize exhibitions and report about their work in the daily press and scientific publications.
With the close contact between our association from Dresden and the Peruvian twin association “Asociación Maria Reiche - Para las líneas de Nasca/Perú“ it is made a contribution to the international understanding and joined forces between Nasca and Dresden – between Peru and Germany. The members of the association hope that the cooperation between the different sciences and nations will be further extended to continue the life work of Maria Reiche and to guarantee the preservation of this endangered cultural heritage.
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