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1.1BBC-WorldNews and Information
Videotext: see under Web-Text
1.2CNN InternationalNews and Information
Videotext: see under Web-Text
1.3EuroNewsNews, Culture, Sports etc.
Videotext: see under Web-Text
1.4Sky News Intern.News24 
1.5CNBC EuropeBusiness25 

Englisch / Multimedia / Web-Text

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2.1BBC-WorldSchedules - select a country, please. Schedules    
2.2CNN InternationalSchedules - open with Firefox, please. Schedules    
2.3EuroNewsSchedules Schedules    
2.4Sky News InternSchedules Schedules    
2.5CNBC EuropeSchedules Schedules    

Englisch / Multimedia / Web-Video

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3.1.1ABCNEWSOn demand news available on the homepage under the menu item "News" marked by the word "watch" and a long index of on demand news under the menu item "Video", covering news, entertainment, Money & Business, Health and Tech. ABCNEWS News    
ABCNEWS Video    
3.1.2BBC-NewsA wide range of On Demand news. Use the navigation list on the right to choose a video, then select the player size. BBC-News    
3.1.3Bloomberg TVLatest News as video reports. Video    
3.1.4CBC News, CanadaA wide range of on demand news covering News of the world, Local news, News of Canada, Politics, Health, ect. choosing "Featured", "Most recent" or "Most popular" videos. CBC Player    
3.1.5CBS NewsOn demand news videos covering Most Popular, Evening News, 60 Minutes, 48 hours, etc. CBS News Video    
3.1.6CNN TVOn demand news covering Latest News, Most Popular, World news, Entertainment, etc. CNN TV    
3.1.7FOX NEWSA wide range of on demand videos on US News, World News, Business, Politics, Entertainment, etc. The selected video will start after a short advertising spot. FOX NEWS Video    
3.1.8GuardianRecent Videos of world news with the categories UK, Europe, US, China, Middle East, Africa, South and Central Asia, Asia Pacific, Americas and News A-Z. World News Video    
3.1.9MSNBC-NewsOn Demand news videos. Click on a thumbnail and the video will start automatically. MSNBC-News    
3.1.10Sky NewsA lot of on demand news in several Video galleries. Sky News    
3.1.11The TelegraphLatest news videos, news clips, breaking news reports and current affairs footage from the UK and around the world, plus News Now, News Features, celebrity news and Weird Stuff. Available on demand on Telegraph TV. News video    
3.1.12U.S. Department of StateOn demand video clips of Diplomacy in action. Full text of some videos available! Choose one of the videos listed on the right. U.S. Department of State    
3.2.1Bloomberg BusinessWeek Videos on a variety of topics like BusinessWeek TV, Investing and Managing. BusinessWeek online    
3.2.2Business News NetworkA vast amount of video clips on the world of business Business News Network    
Video Archive    
3.2.3Business VideoThe TMCnet community provides highly relevant content, resources and insights in the form of custom Channels, web seminars, customer Video Case Studies, sponsored videos and White Papers on various areas of the Business Video site and beyond. (level C1) Business Video    
3.2.4Patricia FrippPatricia Fripp is an Award-Winning Speaker, Executive Speech Coach, Sales Trainer, and Author. She presents her experiences in short Videos and Audio Samples. It is a commercial page, but perhaps helpful business advice might be found. Patricia Fripp    
3.2.5WTO webcastsFull range of WTO videos covering events and conferences, debates and interviews about trade topics and films about the WTO. Watch them now or download them in high quality to be able to watch them later. WTO webcasts    
3.3.1Hollywood.comA number of trailers of recent and upcoming movies. Choose a trailer and the video will start automatically.    
3.3.2movies.comA number of trailers of current and upcoming movies. Click on a thumbnail to watch the trailer in High Definition.    
3.3.3Movie TrailersCollection of movie trailers on demand. Click on the movie you′re intersted in, then select the resolution (standard will start quicker than High Definition). iTunes Movie Trailers    
3.4Tech, Science  
3.4.1Best Tech VideosRecent conferences or interviews with famous people in IT, interesting screencasts created by professional people. It is a user driven social content website dedicated to finding the best educational videos. Best Tech Videos    
3.4.2NASA MultimediaA long list of different NASA videos. Click on "Videos" in the navigation list on the left, then select either "Featured Videos" or "HD Videos". Choose the video you would like to watch. NASA Multimedia    
3.4.3Tech Tutor VideoFree online video lessons with the aim of showing beginners how to use their computer, their email account, the internet, etc. Tech Tutor Video    
3.4.4The Health Library Video CollectionA long list of videos (30 to 60 minutes long) on all sorts of health issues provided by Stanford University which features prominent doctors presenting the latest health research. Titles are available as an ITunes Download and you can view them with Windows Media Player or Quicktime. The Health Library Video Collection    
3.4.5UCTV: Health and medicineLong on demand video clips on health and medical issues provided by the University of California TV UCTV: Health and medicine    
3.4.6UCTV: Science and TechnologyLong on demand video clips covering scientific and technological contents provided by the University of California TV UCTV: Science and Technology    
3.4.7U.S. Air Force LinkUS Air Force News and presentations about US Air Force weapon systems. Air Force Link    
3.4.8Wind Powering AmericaA list of wind energy videos sorted by date from Wind Powering America. Wind Powering America    
3.5.1CBS SportsA variety of videos on U.S. sports (choose a discipline from the list below, then a clip you′re interested in) CBS Sports    
3.5.2ESPNEntertainment and Sports Programming Network. Contains videos of all types of sports and major sports associations (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAA, NASCAR). Also features games, but there is a signup necessary. Level B2 ESPN    
3.5.3Euro Sport videosVideos on all kinds of sports. Euro Sport videos TVOn Demand videos on Basketball provided by the NBA. Choose a headline you are interested in and register. It′s free! Afterwards choose the fastest connection. TV    
3.5.5NFLOfficial Site of the National Football League (American Football). Provides videos showing the highlights, updated news, and reports, detailed infos on the players, teams, games, and scores. You can watch the games live for a fee. Level B2 NFL    
3.6.1American Presidents: Life PortraitsA long list of On Demand videos on all American Presidents taken from a 1999 TV series . Click on ′View′ below ′Resources′. American Presidents: Life Portraits    
3.6.2Animal Planet
Animal Planet Beyond
Get to know the Animal′s Planet with the help of a lot of on demand clips of the original TV shows. Choose one of the topics of the "Watch Video!" category on the left. The Beyond Link leads you to the latest clips. Animal Planet    
3.6.3Arizona State University: EnglishFeatures readings and lectures of renowned people and the American Protest Literature Lectures from the Harvard University. Arizona State University: English    
3.6.4C-Span American History TVInformational videos analyzing the American past and linking it to its future.  C-Span    
3.6.5Discovery Channel
Discovery Channel Beyond
Discover special features of daily life with the help of a lot of on demand clips of the original TV shows. Choose one of the topics of the "Watch Video!" category on the left. The Beyond Link leads you to the latest clips. Discovery Channel    
3.6.6Harvard Extension School: Distance Education ProgramA Harvard Distance Education Program. Only the sample lectures are offered for free. Click the link “watch sample lectures” under the headline “Course Videos” and chose from five different courses. Distance Education Program    
3.6.7History News NetworkNews on historic events and their influence on the present and on the future. History News Network    
History News Network Video History    
3.7Culture, Travel  
3.7.1CBNChristian Broadcasting Network. Watch the channel live!  CBN    
3.7.2Deutsche Welle World The German channel for people living in the US. Watch this channel live by clicking play on the pannel to your right where it says "DW-TV EUROPE live". Deutsche Welle World    
3.7.3National GeographicVideos on environmental topics from around the world. National Geographic    
3.7.4TelegraphTelegraph culture: Choose between "Culture Minute Reviews", "Film Trailers" and "Music News and Reviews". Telegraph travel: Watch clips on different travel destinations around the world. (Level: B2) Telegraph culture    
Telegraph travel    
3.7.5Travel ChannelTravel through the world with the help of a lot of on demand clips of the original TV shows. Choose one of the topics of the "Video" category on the left. The Beyond Link leads you to the latest clips. Travel Channel    
3.7.6TravelVideo.TVTravelVideo.TV offers a wide range of on demand video clips from several countries, regions and their sights. TravelVideo.TV    
3.7.7TravelWorksHere you will find fascinating videos on Work & Travel, volunteer work and the TravelWorks team. TravelWorks    
3.7.8TripfilmsTravellers sharing the experiences they have made in different countries. Tripfilms    
3.8Arts, Music  
3.8.1BookTVA channel which offers interviews with authors, bookreports, book analyses and many more on topics concerning books. View it live or scroll down to watch recent airings. (Level: B2)  BookTV    
3.8.2Disney FamilyFunYour room needs decoration and your food some spicing up? Don′t worry. Visit the Disney site and choose between a large variety of How-to-Videos for cooking and handicraft work. The site gives you countless ideas for seasonal or holiday decorations. (Level A2) Disney FamilyFun    
3.8.3Fashion TVChoose from various videos of fashion related topics from the list on the left. You can also watch this channel live! Fashion TV    
3.8.4How to draw and paintInstructional videos on how to paint or draw certain images. Chose any video from the list below. Draw and paint    
3.8.5MTVHere you can watch full episodes that have aired on MTV. Many clips are not available outside of the US. (Level: B2) MTV Full Episodes    
3.8.6UCTV: Arts & MusicClips on Arts and Music provided by the University of California. (Level: B2-C1) UCTV: Arts & Music    
3.8.7Videoart.netA platform providing videos posted by underground artists.    
3.9.1Internet ArchiveA digital library of moving images. Use the search engine for video research. Internet Archive    
3.9.2UCTV Live TV by the University of California which delivers documentaries, faculty lectures, cutting-edge research symposiums and artistic performances from each of the ten UC campuses (click on "watch UCTV online now") UCTV live    

Englisch / Multimedia / Web-Audio

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4.1.1BBC-NewsYou have the possibility to listen live to the program or to choose podcasts and audio highlights on demand about the best stories, interviews and on the spot reporting from around the world including highlights from Newshour, The World Today and World Briefing. BBC-News    
4.1.2Bloomberg RadioLive news concerning stock exchange, economy, etc. Click on "Live Radio" on the right or listen to podcasts. Bloomberg Radio    
4.1.3FOX News TalkThe live radio channel of FOX NEWS. Click on "Listen Live". FOX News Talk    
4.1.4Sky News RadioHere you can choose between hourly updated downloads of the latest news, "Listen Now" and podcasts. Sky News Radio    
4.1.5The GuardianA lot of on demand audio reports from around the world. The Guardian Unlimited    
4.2.1BBCThey look at the world′s big business issues and demystify the world of money. BBC Business    
4.2.2Deloitte Insights PodcastsBusiness news, published by the well-known consultancy firm Deloitte. Choose a topic and click on "Listen Now". You can also subscribe to Deloitte Insights. Deloitte Insights Podcasts    
4.2.3Patricia FrippBelow you find audio files about "inside Secrets of Superstar Sales Presentations" and "How to Master Price Negotiations for Sales Professionals". Patricia Fripp    
4.2.4The GuardianA lot of on demand audio files about recent topics of business. The Guardian Business    
4.3.1The Book ShowEach week on The Book Show, host Gretchen Holbrook Gerzina interviews authors about their books, their lives and their craft. The Book Show    
4.3.2The GuardianA lot of on demand audio files about recent topics of books and also audio books read by different people plus Film Weekly: Jason Solomons interviews the hottest directors and actors around the world, and reviews the week’s releases. Books podcast and audio    
Film Weekly    
4.4Tech, Science  
4.4.1BBCA lot of on demand science programmes and podcasts. Science    
4.4.2Living on EarthLiving on Earth offers weekly environmental news and information program distributed by Public Radio International - full scripts available!  Living on Earth    
4.4.3The GuardianA lot of on demand audio files about recent topics of science and technology. Technology    
4.4.4WAMCThe Best of Our Knowledge has highlighted breakthroughs across disciplines and across the globe. Each week, host Glenn Busby examines some of the issues unique to college campuses, looks at the latest research, and invites commentary from experts and administrators from all levels of education. The Best of Our Knowledge    
4.4.5WAMCListen to stories about fascinating women working and learning in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields; and learn about programs and practices throughout the U.S. designed to broaden the participation of women in STEM. Woman in Science    
4.5.1ESPNRadio Listen to the different shows or listen to the channel live. The shows are divided into the different sports categories. ESPNRadio    
4.5.2FOX Sports Radio Listen to the different shows or listen to the channel live. The channel offers reports and interviews with famous sportsmen/-women FOX Sports Radio     
4.5.3Sporting NewsOn this page you can listen live to Sporting News Radio (free) or search the Show Archives for recent shows (sign up required). Sporting News    
4.5.4Toronto′s Sports RadioCanadian sports radio. Click on "listen live" and be patient. After the advertisement you can listen to the program. Furthermore, you can choose tracks on demand under ′Media Gallery". Toronto′s Sports Radio    
4.6.1British Council: Stories&PoemsOn this page you can listen to stories and poems. Choose "stories" or "poems" and then the title you would like to listen to. British Council: Stories&Poems    
4.6.2The Diane Rehm ShowThoughtful and lively conversations on an enormous array of topics with many of the most distinguished people of our times. (Click on "Listen") The Diane Rehm Show    
4.6.3English as a Second languageAn ESL (English as a second language) site for learners of English. The site provides links to other sites that offer audio stories. English as a Second language    
4.6.4UC Berkeley Lectures and EventsSpeeches and lectures at the University of California Berkeley (e.g. Malcom X, Umberto Eco). Choose a course and click at the audio icon. There are also videos available for some courses. UC Berkeley Lectures and Events    
4.6.5UNICEF RadioThe UNICEF Radio. Choose listen live or one of the stories below. The site also offers podcasts and vodcasts UNICEF Radio    
4.6.6Wired for BooksProvided by the Ohio University, Wired for Books brings literature alive with audio, video, and old-fashioned text of modern and classic stories, plays, poems, essays, and author interviews. (just click on the author you′re interested in) Wired for Books    
4.7Culture, Travel  
4.7.1American RadioWorks (Minnesota/USA)An archive covering the fields of latest documentaries, economy, history, war and conflict and climate change. Click on one of the articles provided, then select ′listen′ on the right-hand side. Or choose one of the topics in the archive. American RadioWorks (Minnesota/USA)    
4.7.2Latino USALatino USA and host Maria Hinojosa provide public radio audiences with information about the issues and events affecting the lives of the nation′s growing and increasingly diverse Latino communities. Latino USA    
4.7.3On the MediaAward-winning weekly magazine program produced at WNYC in New York, NY, that explores the interplay between media and American society - full transcripts available! On the Media    
4.7.4Talking HistoryA collection of audio documentaries, speeches, debates, oral histories, conference sessions, commentaries, archival audio sources, and other audio streams provided by the University at Albany. You can either listen to them as RealPlayer files or download them as MP3 files. Talking History    
4.7.5This American LifeInteresting documentaries on all sorts of topics of U.S. American Life. Choose either to play the episode or to download it as an MP3 file.  This American Life    
4.8Arts, Music  
4.8.1All Things ConsideredFor two hours every weekday, All Things Considered presents the program′s trademark mix of news, interviews, commentaries, reviews and offbeat features. Just click on "Listen" to play the Audio. Fresh Air: A Peabody Award-winning magazine of contemporary arts and issues. The show is known for captivating interviews with guests from literature, science, music, film, and more.  All Things Considered    
Fresh Air    
4.8.2BBC Radio 1-3BBC Radio 1: Modern music BBC Radio 2: "Combines popular music and culture with a diverse range of specialist music, features, documentaries, light entertainment and readings“ BBC Radio 3:Classic, jazz, drama. Listen to the charts, choose a genre or playlist, or just simply listen to the show live.  BBC Radio 1    
BBC Radio 2    
BBC Radio 3     
4.8.3University Radio Nottingham "URN is the University of Nottingham′s award winning student radio station" Student Radio for Nottingham    
4.8.4Zero Art Radio Zero Art Radio is a consortium of musicians, artists, and people in general who are enthused by creativity and free thought. Choose one of the Audios in the Archive Zero Art Radio     
4.9.4Internet ArchiveA digital library of audio files about Audio Books & Poetry, Computers & Technology, News & Public Affairs and many more. Use the search engine for audio research. Internet Archive    

Englisch / Multimedia / Web-Learning

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5.1Centre de linguistique appliquéeVideo- and audio-based listening comprehension and dictation exercises for different levels. Learn English Online    
5.2CornelsenThe GER-Placement Tests from Cornelsen are not exams. Instead they should help you evaluate the level of your own language abilities and choose an appropriate language course. At the end of every test you receive a personal recommendation document (PDF) written in German which you can take to your local college or language school. (Note: Not possible with Google Chrome) (Level B2) GER-Placement Test    
5.3Independent Language LearningAdvice on independent learning - provided by Hong Kong Polytechnic University′s Language Centre Independent Language Learning    
5.4Learning English with BBCWebsite for ESL learners offering interesting and varied exercises for practicing everyday and business English Learning English with BBC    
5.5Randall′s ESL Cyber Listening LabLots of listening exercises in varying levels of difficulty. Very easy to use and surely helpful for improving your listening skills. Randall′s ESL Cyber Listening Lab    
5.6Spotlight-onlineAiming to improve your knowledge of English, spotlight offers interesting articles and exercises to improve grammar and vocabulary, Audio and full text!  Spotlight-online