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The 8th Expedition 2011
In September 2011 the 8th Expedition to Palpa and Nasca occured. Participants were Bernd Teichert (HTW Dresden), Alex Cerveny (Brazil), David Johnson (USA) and Christiane Richter (HTW Dresden).

The main aim of the expedition was the determination of ground control points (GCP's) with GPS as a basis for the rectification of new satellite images (GeoEye and WorldView). The different measuring regions extended from the north-west of Palpa up to the south-east of Nasca. Within 3 weeks approximately 90 GCP's were measured. The GPS instruments were provided by the company Leica Geosystems/Germany and the Beuth University Berlin.

Besides the measurement of GCP's the verification of the water theory of David Johnson was another important task. Carl Niemann (member of the association) attended the last week of the expedition and tried to verify this theory. Therefore especially wells (Puquios) were located and measured.


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