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The mystery of the lines and geoglyphs of Nasca
One of the unsolved mysteries on our earth hides in the “Pampa of Nasca”. Huge soil drawings (geoglyphs), lines stretching for miles and numerous expanses in form of triangles and trapeziums show a former culture. The desert plateau is covered with numerous geoglyphs, which are illustrations of animals, plants and geometric figures, especially spirals in different forms.

The more than 1000 lines are not fewer impressive. The longest line is over 12 kilometres long. The lines jump over dry water furrows without a difference in their orientation, climb up hills and at the other side they go straight in the same direction. The order seems to be chaos but still the lines obviously form an arranged network with junctions, named line centres.

The huge expanses without any stone are the third strangeness. From an airplane they look like enormous runaways. Many expanses have the form of triangles, others appear like rectangles or trapeziums.


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