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The 11th Expedition 2016
The eleventh expedition was dedicated to the survey of the aqueducts in the Nasca region. These so-called Puquios or filtered galeries are among the oldest irrigation systems in the Andean world. They originate already in the Paracas (about 800 - 200 BC) and the following Nasca culture (about 200 BC - 650 AD). The aqueducts represent an elaborate irrigation system that brings water from underground sources into one of the driest areas in the world - until today.

Within an interdisciplinary project the potential of the aqueducts for the recognition as a world cultural heritage will be evaluated. As a basis for this project, all the aqueducts must be surveyed, documented and analyzed for their current state.
Therefore a field campaign took place in September 2016. Participants were Prof. Dr. Bernd Teichert and MSc (GIS) Christiane Richter from the University of Applied Sciences (HTW) Dresden as well as Prof. Dr. Karel Pavelka from the Technical University (CVUT) Prague. On the Peruvian side the project was supported by the Mayor of Nasca, Professor Eusebio Alfonso Canales Verde, the staff of agricultural authority (Agencia Agraria) and the National Water Authority (Autoridad Nacional del Agua) in Nasca. The mayor of Nasca also provided an off-road vehicle and additional staff.
A total of 34 aqueducts were recorded with GPS during this measurement campaign and five selected irrigation systems were photographed using UAV photogrammetry. The Evaluation of the measurements takes place at the HTW Dresden and the CVUT Prague.

During the expedition the members of the research project were honored by the mayor of Nasca for their long-term work in Nasca. Detailed information are available >here.
Additionally the Nasca project was presented at the Ministry of Culture in Lima.



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