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Maria in Cuzco


In Peru

The Lines

Working at the Pampa


Protection for the desert

Maria Reiche stayed two years in Cuzco and moved then to the capital Lima. There she earned her living costs with German and English lessons, gymnastics and massages. Later she obtained contracts for translations of scientific texts and in the Museum of Archaeology she preserved shrouds of mummies. On the side Maria helped out her friend in a café, where a lot of foreigner, professors, students and businessmen met each other. In this café she met the American specialist for ancient irrigation systems - Dr. Paul Kosok. He was looking for someone, who would translate his English article into Spanish.

In December 1941 Maria travelled the first time to Nasca. Dr. Kosok had asked her to take a look at the strange, dead straight depressions in the desert, which look like lines. At first he thought these were irrigation ditches, but then he suspected that it is an astronomical calendar installation. At June 22nd, the solstice, he noticed, that the line, in which he stood, went straight to the point, where the sun went down. Maria Reiche should confirm this theory.
She started her research work in the dessert of Nasca in 1946, because her wasn’t allowed to leave the city Lima until the end of the Second World War.


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