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Zerstörte Figur (Reptil)


In Peru

The Lines

Working at the Pampa


Protection for the desert

At first the inhabitants of Nazca laughed at the woman who swept the desert, because Maria removed carefully the dust from the drawings with a broom. But when the touristy upswing came, Doctora Reiche was soon admired like a saint.
In 1955 it was the effort of Maria Reiche, which prevented that in the desert of Nazca irrigation systems were built. That fight against the bureaucracy she won. A great success is her book “Secret of the desert” which she published in 1968 in German, English and Spanish. She used the American Studies Congress, which was held in Lima 1970, to talk about her matter, the protection of the soil drawings. But nothing happened, so she paid a watchman for the desert since 1976.
Also she succeeded common with her sister Renate to had a lookout tower erected at the Panamericana, from where you can see some figures and lines. With that tower should be avoid, that curious tourists crush and distracted the delicate drawings furthermore. At last in 1995 the lines of Nazca were set under protection of the UNESCO. At the end of her creative activity Maria Reiche was decorated five times with the honorary doctorate and the highest decoration of the Peruvian government as well as the first class order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany. The Peruvian nationality was awarded her as an honour, because she never gave up her German ones.


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