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Milestones from the chronicle of the association
The detailed chronicle can be downloaded here: Chronicle pdf-Download
April 1st, 1993 The state Peru presents a bronze bust of Maria Reiche the city Dresden. The formal unveiling is held in the assembly hall of the high school "Romain Rolland".
February 1994 The first Nasca-expedition of Dresden takes place.
July 14th, 1994 The association "Dr. Maria Reiche – Linien und Figuren der Nasca-Kultur in Peru" is established in Dresden.
December 1994 The soil drawings are added to the World Cultural Heritage List of the UNESCO.
1995 At the University of Applied Sciences Dresden, faculty of Surveying and Cartography the research project "Nasca" is found.
July/August 1996 Members of the association carry out the second Nasca-expedition.
March 6th, 1997 The exhibition "From Dresden to Peru – The life work of Dr. Maria Reiche and the lines of Nazca/Peru" is opened in the town hall of Dresden.
June 8th, 1998 Maria Reiche dies in Lima/Peru at the age of 95 years.
Sept. 17th, 1998 The author Erich von Däniken visits the University of Applied Sciences Dresden to inform himself about the research project "Nasca".
June 8th, 2001 On the occasion of the anniversary of Maria Reiche’s death our association donate a commemorative plaque for her grave in San Pablo/Peru.
February/March 2003 Members of the association carry out the third Nasca-expedition.
On the 5th of March the project is presented at the Peruvian Congress in Lima.
May 5th, 2003 The exhibition “The Nasca lines – Exhibition to the 100th birthday of Maria Reiche” is opened in the town hall of Dresden.
May 14th, 2003 Within the context of the exhibition students of the University of Applied Sciences Dresden, faculty of Surveying and Cartography, modell the hummingbird at the meadows near the river Elbe in Dresden.
May 21th, 2003 The peruvian ambassador A. Novoa visits the exhibition and a lecture on the research project "Nasca" in Dresden. He registers himself in the Golden Book of the city Dresden.
August/Sept. 2004 4th Nasca- Expedition together with staff members and students of the Universities of Applied Sciences Dresden and Berlin and the Technical University Prague.
August/Sept. 2005 Members of the Nasca project carry out the 5th Nasca-Expedition together with artists from Germany, Austria and Brazil in order to prepare the projects: "Nasca, on the Perspectives" and "Lines to the Light".
30. Oct. 2005 Inauguration of the street "Maria Reiche" in Dresden-Klotzsche.
24. March 2006 Opening of the exhibition "Maria Reiche" at the School Museum in Dresden.
June 2006
"Nasca - Correspondences" Exhibition at the ZiF Bielefeld
June 21-23, 2006
Interdisciplinary Symposium Nasca Culture at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research (ZiF) Bielefeld
December 2006 The Nasca project is presented at the Geoexpo (VI. International Congress of Geo-technology) in Lima/Peru. The presentation was awarded as the best presentation in the domain of applied Geo-technologies.
Sept. 2007 Opening of the exhibition "Maria Reiche and the Nasca Lines" at the "Kreative Werkstatt" Dresden.
April/May 2008 The exhibition "Nasca-Correspondences" is opened at the Sparkasse Hannover.
June 25th, 2008 10th Anniversary of the death of Dr. Maria Reiche: Commemorative Event in the grammar school "Romain-Rolland" in Dresden.
August 2008 The exhibition "Correspondências Nasca" is opened in São Paulo/Brazil.
Sept. 2008 Members of the Nasca project leave for the Sixth Nasca-Expedition.
March 2009 Opening of the exhibition "Nasca-Correspondences" at the Roemer- and Pelizaeus-Museum Hildesheim.
Sept./Okt. 2009 The exhibition "Nasca-Correspondences" is shown at the Kunstturm Rotenburg.
Nov. 2009 W. Dorninger presents his book "Verschwinden Perspektive Utopie" at the Akustikon in Linz/Austria..
August/Sept. 2010 The 7the Nasca-Expedition takes place.
Jan.-Dec. 2011 The exhibition "Maria Reiche and the Nasca-Project Dresden" is shown at the library of the University of Applied Sciences (HTW) Dresden.
01. July 2011 During the "Long Night of Sciences in Dresden", about 500 visitors come to the HTW library to attend the Nasca exhibition and lectures.
Sept. 2011 The eighth Nasca expedition started.
October 2012 The cross-school project"Dr. Maria Reiche - eine Dresdnerin in Peru" was launched in Dresden.
02. May 2013 As part of the school project, a graffiti is created at the Maria-Reiche-Street in Dresden-Klotzsche.
15. May 2013 The school project will be presented to the public at the celebration of Maria Reiche's 110th birthday.
August 2013 The ninth Nasca expedition takes place.
06. February 2014 With a festive event at the secondary school in Dresden-Weixdorf, the cross-school project "Dr. Maria Reiche - Eine Dresdnerin in Peru " was finished.
May 2014 In the Dresden theater Societaetstheater the play "I am not a lady - I am an old floor" premiered F.A.U.S.T. reloaded.
Sept. 2014 Members of the association started for the tenth Nasca expedition.
Aug.-Okt. 2016 The exhibition "Maria Reiche and the lines of Nasca" is located in the Kultur-Bahnhof Radebeul-Ost.
September 2016 During the 11. Nasca expedition, the Nasca project's staff was honored by the Mayor of Nasca for their many years of work as "visitantes illustres de Nasca".
Oktober 2017 The exhibition "The Nasca project - 22 years of German-Czech research in Peru" was held at the Technical University of Prague.
July-Sept. 2018 For the Dresden Long Night of Sciences on June 15, 2018, the exhibition "The Nasca project - 22 years of German-Czech research in Peru" opened. The exhibition was open until mid-September 2018.


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